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Build Your Abs & Maximize Your Sport Performance
Ab exercise equipment is a vital part of any fitness regimen, the correct abdominal exercise equipment allows you to properly perform abdominal exercises and achieve results in the most efficient manner. AbsZone abdominal equipment works your entire abdominal region, inner & outer oblique and front & side muscles. Take inches off you waistline, reduce lower back pain increase your flexibility, develop your physical strength and improve your health & appearance. Quality materials & years of research & development assure you the finest in abdominal training equipment for personal, organizational and gym use.

AbsZone abdominal equipment is used by Nationally Recognized Bodybuilders and has been featured in People HispanicAbsZone abdominal equipment features - Torso Bars, Twist Disks, Power Straps and Pull-Down Straps. Florida TODAY Dieting Article featuring AbsZone

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Torso Bar

Torso Bar Material

347 - Neoprene 22" tubes

730- Red Caps

Power Strap

Power Strap Material

400 - Nickel Plated 'D' RIngs 2"

7 each, 100 foot cross stitch webbing

50 Yards of 1 1/2 inch Velcro (both sides)

200 "S" rough surfaced handles

Other Materials

1000 Workout Manuals

1250 ABZONE stickers

Misc. construction equipment (estimated value $1000)

Contact Reid Jones - Abszone Owner

E-Mail jjones6778@cfl.rr.com
Phone 321-632-8786

Torso Bar

Toning the obliques.

A decorative 5 foot bar with 22" of neoprene padding for lasting comfort. It can be used with beginning or advanced exercise training. This bar is excellent for toning the obliques, and in the advanced position includes the upper and lower abdominal region. Available in 2 lbs., 5 lbs., 10 lbs., and 12 lbs.

AbsZone ©
Torso Bars

Twist Disk

Enhances the inner & outer obliques

A 16" swiveling workout plateau with a durable rubberized deck to insure secure footing. This equipment enhances the inner and outer oblique muscles which are stabilizers for the body. Great for a variety of sports, like golf, tennis, skiing, bowling, body building, etc.

AbsZone ©
Twist Disk

Power Strap

Weighted crunches & seated leg tucks

This unique strap is built with a 1 1/2" with lock stitch webbing and industrial Velcro. It can be used with or without cable equipment. Designed specifically for weighted crunches and seated leg tucks. Also great for weighted leg lifts, pull ups, dips and in single-ankle resistance exercises.

Power Strap (PS)

Pull Down Strap

Pull down exercises.

A 20" double span of 1 1/2" width lock stitch webbing with comfortable 5" neoprene handles in smooth or rough textures. Primarily used for pull down exercises that target the abdominal region.  Pull down straps are also great for tricep pullovers or pulldowns, isolated bicep curls, seated bench rows and chest pulldowns.

Pull Down Straps

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E-Mail  jjones6778@cfl.rr.com
Phone 321-632-8786
Wholesalers & Distributors
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AbsZone is committed to the testing, development and manufacturing of abdominal exercise equipment that strengthens and enhances the users physique. We aim to make our abdominal work out equipment effective and durable by using the highest quality designs, materials and workmanship.

We know our abdominal work out products fill a void in gyms, health clubs, spas and homes. AbsZone strives to create innovative abdominal equipment while pursuing ultimate customer satisfaction.

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